Ryan & Kim Smith - Unbelievable Freedom (Signed Author Copy)


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Unbelievable Freedom - How We Transformed Our Health & Happiness with Intermittent Fasting

Ryan & Kim Smith struggled with dysfunctional eating throughout their lives. They had been on the hamster wheel of diets long before they met. From the time of their wedding in 2003, they ate their way through a decade plagued by massive weight gain until 2014, at which point they topped out at well over 500 pounds combined. First Ryan began a weight loss effort, then Kim followed suit, eventually leading them both to intermittent fasting as outlined in Gin Stephens’ “Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle.” At this point, they have lost a collective 215 pounds. The journey transformed not only their relationship with food, but with themselves and with each other. Their lives are filled with a peaceful joy that they hope to share with others. Updates about the Smiths and their journey are always available at www.fastingfeastingfreedom.com.

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