Sparklefly  - “Every Day Is A Gift” Candle

Sparklefly - “Every Day Is A Gift” Candle

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Every day is a gift and holds its own joyful treasures. What joy will you unwrap today? This scented candle is a little reminder to not wait for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries etc. to rejoice that it is a special day, this very day is your gift and we want to help you unwrap it's happiness. Treasure each day and live in the present.


Anne, owner of Sparklefly, learned to make candles and it became her passion, creative expression and emotional outlet. She literally had a dream of owning her company and after 12 years of learning the how, in 2011, with much support and encouragement to finally turn a dream into a reality, she formed Sparklefly Candle Company. Sparklefly Candles creates eco-conscious, luxury home fragrance to celebrate the tiny moments of joy that shine through each day. Each inspirational quote on their scented candles provides a simple reminder with a focus on joy and encouragement.