The Texas Gypsy - Sparkle Glitter Lotion

The Texas Gypsy - Sparkle Glitter Lotion

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Amazing hand made Sparkle Lotion is available in three different scents and colors. it gives your skin a shimmer and leaves you feeling silky and soft!

Big City Stripper - Smells like strawberries and champagne Has 24k Gold shimmer along with holographic micro glitter

Mermaid Skin - Smells Like island Fruits with a yellow Green holographic micro glitter. for just a hint of sparkle

Unicorn Magic- Smells like Cherries with a Pink and Crystal rainbow holographic micro glitter

For external use only keep away from eyes this is not make up. Do a spot test to see if your allergic. Package is resealable with heat from a hair straightening iron.


Heather at The Texas Gypsy wants to bring to you a great experience of her eclectic style and the benefits of all her homemade products! Her company strives to use the finest oils, richest butters, and only essential oils or our carefully crafted essential oil blends. They take pride in every batch of bath products they make, a test sample is made on every batch of anything they make to insure quality. Products are tested on Humans only! Never on natures children (animals).