Snarky Tea - Tea Sachets

Snarky Tea - Tea Sachets

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As seen in Vogue! Meet Snarky Tea. High-quality, whole-leaf tea sachets are not only beautiful and delicious but they're good for you too! Each can includes 15 tea sachets. Stay bold, stay fabulous..

Fierce B*tch Snarky Tea: Our distinctive rosy black tea contains cayenne which is a natural detox and an amazing metabolism booster. Can you say "win-win"?

Namaste Motherf**ker Snarky Tea: If you're obsessed with yoga pants but the words "warrior pose" mean absolutely nothing to you - this raspberry orange green tea is the blend for you! #SpandexAndNetflix

Get Your A** In Bed Snarky Tea: Stop stalking your ex on social media and get your beauty rest with this chamomile, lemongrass, lavender herbal tea.

Get Your Sh*t Together Snarky Tea: So you took a ride on the "Hot Mess Express" last night... no biggie. This lemongrass and ginger snap green tea will help ease your hangover so you can focus on issuing apologies.

Wake The F**k Up Snarky Tea: This powerful blend contains Yerba Mate - a natural stimulant with 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and antioxidants. Invigorate, focus and kick some a**! 


Jenni-Lyn’s teas were created with you in mind. They were created for the tired, the insomniacs, the stressed and the overwhelmed. They're purposeful and functional (meaning they actually do what they say they'll do)! Jenni-Lyn has worked beside one of the best tea blenders in the world to bring you high-quality, delicious teas that fit perfectly into your modern lifestyle. And the results are amazing.