Row House 14 - Pencil Sets

Row House 14 - Pencil Sets

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You really won't want to stop writing with these adorable pencils. Add some flair and humor to your pencil cup- just make sure no one tries to "borrow" them. We see you, shifty coworkers.

  • Set of 3 standard hexagon pencils
  • Hot foil printed in gold
  • Sealed in a cellophane sleeve 
  • Copyright Row House 14
  • Handmade with love in Baltimore City, Maryland

About Row House 14: Meet Heidi, a small town Indiana girl that made her way to Baltimore and became a teacher. On the days she felt burned out in the classroom, she turned to art as a creative outlet. The final products-- cards and stationery.

Six years later, she moved on from the classroom to design and make cards full time in her historic Baltimore row home studio. She never thought that something she did to keep her creative energy going would turn into a full time job, but she is always excited for a new adventure in life.