RockTimber Natural Soapstone Whiskey Stones

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Set of 9 whiskey stones are made of natural soapstone and will naturally cool your bourbon, scotch or rye to the perfect temperature -- without absorbing or watering down your drink.

Simply freeze them like ice cubes, and place them in your drink to keep it cool!

Directions for Use: Wash stones in hot water before first use and following every use. Return stones to the included bag and place in freezer for at least 4 hours.
Place 2-3 stones in your favorite whiskey or wine glass. Pour your drink over the stones and wait 5 minutes. Enjoy sipping your drink without worrying about dilution!
Dishwasher safe. Each stone is a .75 inch cube. Set includes nine (9) stones + a storage bag packaged in a Kraft box.

Meet Janine, owner of RockTimber.  She's always had a deep love and appreciation for the artists’ process – creating something so meaningful and distinct from simple materials and a single thought. Maybe it goes back to her roots as a video producer - carving out stories from everyday life, or maybe it’s the foodie in her with the appreciation for both old and new flavors. She loves food. She loves art. That's pretty much how RockTimber was born!