RockTimber Heirloom Slate Cheese Board Platter 5pc Gift Set

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Beautiful and unique hand-cut and food-safe chiseled 10" x 12" slate cheese board and serving utensils. Handcrafted with a smooth face and natural edge. RT's high-quality slate is always at least 3/8" thick.

Gift Set Includes:
1 - 10" x 12" Cheese Board
1 - 7" Blackened cherry wood spreader - Locally Sourced and Handcrafted
1 - 6" Cherry Olive Fork - Locally Sourced and Handcrafted
1 - Soapstone pencil for customizing and personalizing
1 - Burlap bag for presentation and storage

Polished with food-grade mineral oil to protect the stone and maintain a polished look and fitted with non-slip silicone feet.  Showcase the raw beauty of your stone with a display stand when it's not in use. Use as a menu board, welcome sign, chalkboard, etc...

Meet Janine, owner of RockTimber.  She's always had a deep love and appreciation for the artists’ process – creating something so meaningful and distinct from simple materials and a single thought. Maybe it goes back to her roots as a video producer - carving out stories from everyday life, or maybe it’s the foodie in her with the appreciation for both old and new flavors. She loves food. She loves art. That's pretty much how RockTimber was born!