Quinn Snacks - Popcorn

Quinn Snacks - Popcorn

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Cozy movie nights are always better with popcorn - and in 4 delicious flavors, you can't go wrong with Quinn! Whether you're sharing, or treating yourself to a bag, this tasty snack will add a POP of flavor to your night! 

The first microwavable popcorn that has ditched the chemical coated bag and artificial flavors in favor of pure-pop paper bags, organic popcorn and real whole ingredients!

Here’s a few ingredients that they’ve kicked to the curb:

  • GMOs – Genetic modification is so powerful, let’s take it slow, especially with our food!
  • Flavorings – We’ll take real butter over carbonyl group (=C=O) any day of the week.
  • Preservatives – Here’s a better idea, we’ll just make sure it’s fresh when it gets to you.
  • Unpronounceables – I bet you don’t cook with things you can’t say. Except for maybe jicama.

White Cheddar: Our key ingredient is mid-west aged white cheddar. The cheesy, salty flavor with our yellow butterfly kernels couldn't be a better match. 

About Quinn Snacks: Meet Kristy, founder of Quinn Snacks. After having son, Quinn, she set out on a mission to create a tasty yet healthy snack option. Farm-to-Bag was created with the idea that transparency is the most powerful force for good in food. When you share where every ingredient comes from, you make food differently, you make it better. That transparency also puts the spotlight where it belongs, on those who grew it! Yeah, Kristy's popcorn is amazing and she is one badass mama bear. You're welcome for the introduction.