Lisa Liberatore - Power of Transparency

Lisa Liberatore - Power of Transparency

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Are you a mompreneur struggling with work-life balance? Do you want to strengthen your business ecosystem? Are you full of creative ideas but lack implementation know-how? If so, Power of Transparency was written for you!

With honesty and insight, author Lisa Liberatore offers readers a fresh perspective on problem solving and shares valuable lessons she’s learned while in pursuit of her personal and professional goals.

With Power of Transparency as your guide, you’ll learn how to successfully navigate life’s obstacles and stay on course, even if your manager quits (and you're 34 weeks pregnant!), or when a dramatic shift in your personal life puts all you’ve accomplished at risk.

Lisa shares her proven strategies for using transparency in her communications as a tool for self empowerment and fulfillment, including: 

•How to find clarity when your personal and professional lives become blurred
•How to manage expectations – your own and others’
•How to stay focused on your initial vision (especially when times get tough)

Other topics include tips for increasing your networking prowess, making meaningful mentor connections and the importance of establishing solid core operating principles.

Reading Power of Transparency is like having your best friend and a top-notch business coach right beside you, cheering you on. With Lisa’s help, you’ll be on your way to making life and work, work for you!