Pottymints - Toilet Tablets Trio

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Do your business without leaving a trace of scent evidence behind. Just drop a Pottymint in the bowl after you flush and leave the bathroom smelling fresh and clean. 

Each Travel Trio contains three individually wrapped POTTYMINTS

Arancia di Capri
- a sensual scent that combines fresh citrus notes of juicy nectarine and orange blossom with hints of water lily and caramel.

La Fleur - a modern, sophisticated floral with notes of citrus, jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood.

Directions: After flush is complete, drop the pottymint tablet into the clean water, and enjoy lasting fresh fragrance!

  • Fragrance Lasts Approx. 2-3 Flushes - Try dropping one in before you have guests come over!
  • Non-Toxic --If your dog is a toilet bowl drinker, you're in the clear
  • Septic Tank Safe
  • No Spill
  • Compact, Travel-Friendly
  • Made In The USA
  • Measures 3.2"L x 1.25"W x 3.2"H

About Pottymints: Meet Suzanna, founder of POTTYMINTS. While on her first vacation with her then boyfriend (now husband) she began to notice that her newfound roommate was constantly disappearing and re-emerging with treats for her from the hotel’s gift shop. As the candies piled up, she started to question if he had an ulterior motive. After 5 days, he finally came clean—rather than making her bare the repercussions of sharing one bathroom, he was using the bathroom in the hotel lobby...Inspired by the universal challenges of sharing a bathroom, Suzanna created POTTYMINTS.