Paper Butterfly Forge - Magnets

Paper Butterfly Forge - Magnets

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Music Note Magnets

These fun magnets are an inch and a half in diameter and are upcycled from vintage sheet music.  Actual notes and words will vary.

All magnets are mylar covered and can be wiped off, but please don't submerge them in water.

These are hand created on Paper Forge Butterfly's workbench in Seattle.

About Paper Butterfly Forge: Meet Laura Dodson, creator of Paper Butterfly Forge. Laura has always enjoyed reading a good book and journaling her thoughts and wishes. In fact, she's kept a journal since the third grade when her teacher introduced the concept. As such, she has always been searching for the perfect notebook. Today, she likes a variety of sketching papers, scrapbook papers and reusing old books to make new journals. In July 2014, Paper Butterfly Forge was created out of this love of upcycling. She repurposes old game boards into journals, sheets of music into magnets and so much more. Old is new again!