WristsAre4Bracelets - Morse Code Bracelets

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Say it loud. Say it proud. Say it in morse code.  Not a real thing? What can we say, we're trendsetters. These morse code bracelets from WristsAre4Bracelets are adorable, simple and carry an amazing message.  Snag one for you and your bestie. 

☼☼☼ Ocean tested, mermaid approved! ☼☼☼
» 100% waterproof cording (wax-coated polyester)
• Beads may experience wear
» One size fits most
» BRACELET CARE - Waxed polyester is fade- and water-resistant! Beads may experience wear, so I recommend removing the bracelet before showering, swimming, or before applying perfumes/lotions.

Jessica, the owner and creator of WristsAre4Bracelets, is an electrical engineering student at the University of Central Florida. She loves outer space, Marvel comics, and visiting Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center!

WristsAre4Bracelets has been a part of the Etsy community for over 5 years! Seventeen year-old Jessica had no idea how successful her little bracelet business would become!

The inspiration for her shop's name came from a quote from the singer Kellin Quinn: "Wrists are for braceles, not for cutting." When she opened her Etsy shop, she decided to combine two of her passions: making friendship bracelets and helping people who are struggling. Although her career path has changed from studying psychology to studying engineering, she still believes in Quinn's quote wholeheartedly.