Moon Cactus Planter

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Does your dining room table, kitchen island or window sill need a pick me up? We get it. Put this cute, easy to care for (read: even the worst plant mom probably can't mess this one up) plant on your workspace- or anywhere you need to succ (puns) a little less. Locally sourced and potted by Mainely Succulents in Old Town, Maine.

This moon cactus is actually two cacti grafted together!  Cacti like gymnocalycium mihanovichii lack chlorophyll which exposes their red, orange, pink and yellow pigmentation...but they can't live on their own!  These little guys die as seedlings unless they are grafted onto another cactus with chlorophyll.  Neato, huh??? #sciencerocks

**Due to the nature of living product, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND not shipping and encourage local residents to select in-store pickup.  Due to extreme cold temperatures, succulents will not be shipped during cold winter months (November - March). If shipping is requested, great care will be taken in packaging and shipping but shipping insurance must be purchased and used if damage is incurred during transit.