Kathy Weller Mugs

Kathy Weller Mugs

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All mugs are an 11oz high-quality white ceramic mug, dishwasher and microwave safe. Same design is printed on both sides of mug, lefties and righties unite. 

I'm the 4th Sanderson Sister! - A mug for fans of the cult film Hocus Pocus! Cool, colorful and creepy hand lettered cursive design. 

Witch's BrewWant to know what I'm drinking? Get Witchy with it and spook everyone out by drinking out of this mug! Cool, creepy, swirly hand-lettering oozes with mystery and creepiness!

Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! - A mug for fans of the cult film Hocus Pocus (and anyone else who likes funny words)! Cool wrought-iron inspired hand lettered design.

Oh Look Another Gorgeous Morning - A mug for fans of the cult film Hocus Pocus (and anyone else who loves Winifred Sanderson)! 

My Political Party is Unicorns - Tell everyone where they can put their silly political talk with this amazing, magical "My Political Party Is UNICORNS" mug! Instantly change the subject, without saying a word! Instead of talking politics, everyone will be talking about your fancy, gorgeous UNICORN mug! See? It's the mug that works miracles.

Magic Potion - Want to know what I'm drinking? Cool waxy, drippy, purple "MAGIC POTION" hand-lettering oozes with mystery + mysticality! Bonus little magic sparkles all around it just for you!

Inner Voice - Today, I will listen to my own Inner Voice. (The rest of the world can just shut up.) OKAY? Tell all those well-meaning friends who don't know what they're talking about to SAVE THEIR BREATH in SUCH a kind (and SILENT) way! They'll think it's cute, but they'll STILL mind their own beeswax! Just you watch! (They'll actually be SMILING as they mind their own business, too. Wow.)

Good Things Happen - GOOD THINGS HAPPEN to THOSE who HUSTLE! An intricate but powerful hand lettered design. Bright colors of blue, green and orange are anchored by the strength of dark blue!  It's just right for motivating an inspired team of independent women entrepreneurs! YES! 

Punch Today in the Face - YOU are going to LOVE using this mug! Fill it up with your morning coffee, and while you chug your daily dose, you'll be getting an eyeful of boot camp-style motivation!! PUNCH TODAY in the FACE! YEAH!!!  


Meet Kathy, a professional artist who has licensed her work for products, greeting cards, and gift books. In 2008, she opened her Etsy shop primarily to explore selling originals, prints, and hand-painted small pieces. The idea of using mugs as her own personal message to the universe, and as a conduit to help others express their own innermost dreams, hopes— and yes, snarky, sarcastic thoughts— suited her perfectly.