InspireYourArt "STOP I'm Washing Something Delicate" Magnet

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STOP I'm Washing Something Delicate Do NOT Put it in the Dryer, or else. Magnet message for your washer and dryer

Tired of ruining your delicate in the dryer? This unique one of a kind design will help you with that.

You need this! Here is why:

These make life easier!
Notify visitors with a cute sign, make saying "go away", "no thank you" or "attention" so much nicer!
Adds a little cuteness to your washer and dryer.



Jande is a mom on a mission to provide uplifting art in this world that needs a lovely reminder of how awesome we are! With an autistic son and through her daily challenges, she continues to look for the good. She hopes that her designs can bring the lift people need.