Barbarah Robertson Pottery - Heart Spoonrest

Barbarah Robertson Pottery - Heart Spoonrest

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Cute heart dishes in Vanilla White with a Leafy Floral pattern peaking through the glaze.

Each heart dish measures 3.5" across and has a gentle lift to the edges.
Makes a great little ring dish but can also be used as a soap dish, spoon rest, or tealight candle holder.

Hand made stoneware clay heart, glazed in a soft Vanilla white and fired to over 2200°F.
Each dish is made in Barbarah's Strasburg Virginia pottery studio.

About Barbarah Robertson: Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Barbarah transplanted to the Shenandoah Valley, and began taking pottery classes in the early 1990’s. Now a full time potter based in Strasburg Virginia, Barbarah is an official juried Artisan of the Artisan Center of Virginia and a long standing member of the Shenandoah Potters Guild. She participates in various arts and craft shows/exhibits & gives educational workshops in the Valley and Northern Virginia/ DC metro areas.