Susan Gordon Pottery - Heart Shaped Ring Dish

Susan Gordon Pottery - Heart Shaped Ring Dish

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Heart shaped ring dish with a slight curve. Glazed in either white, blush, midnight, light blue, light grey, dark gray, turquoise, hot pink coral, shiny black, matte black, mint or red with 22k gold luster overglaze on the edges.


Made of high fire ceramic stoneware and glazed with high fire glaze, then a low fire gold luster overglaze in 22K.

About Susan Gordon Pottery: Susan has an insatiable desire to create and has always been interested in making art, whether it is painting, drawing, or forming pots. She fell in love with clay while studying to be a graphic designer at Auburn University. Eight years, a B.F.A. in Ceramics, and a Master’s Degree in Art Education later, she left her full time job as a gallery director and came back to her love of creating with clay.