Vice Versa Press - Good Hair Day 7-Day Prayer Candle

Vice Versa Press - Good Hair Day 7-Day Prayer Candle

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Vice Versa Press' 8" tall Good Hair Day prayer candle will aid with all of your hair sculpting and styling needs. Light the candle before, during, and after beautification ritual to channel the beauty gods/goddesses and ensure the best possible hair.

Candle is encased in glass and has pink wax. Label is screenprinted and adhered with an adhesive agent. Do not leave candle lit unattended and Vice Versa Press is not responsible for any spiritual activity that occurs in the beauty parlor. That's on you.

The higher the hair, the closer to God.

About Vice Versa Press: Julia is originally from Corpus Christi, Texas and her mixed Latinx-Italo background has inspired a lifetime of exploration. Print media is the medium that she feels most expressive with, and currently, Julia is exploring the realm of wearable prints. She cut her chops early on making show flyers and organizing community events; and now she designs, creates, and produces artwork both for aesthetic and functional purposes.