Vintage Unwined - Scented Soy Melts

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Vintage. soy melts are hand-poured with 100% soy making them safer to melt in your home than big name paraffin melts.

These high quality soy melts will last hours longer than typical wax melts. They are also infused with skin-safe fragrances, making these melts safe for massage.

Melts come in the following delectable scents: 

Bottomless Mimosas – One of the best word combos in existence. This scent sparkles with crisp mandarin oranges & mimosa blossoms.

Devil's Breath - Red hot cinnamon stick.

Vanilla Hazelnut - best-selling year 'round scent.

208 Candles & Co. can turn just about any vessel into a pure soy candle. They source their polished wine bottles from two different local companies, one that supports under-served individuals in their community. They also create custom logo travel tins, for weddings, events, and subscription services. Your soy candle options are endless: votives, tea lights, glass cubes, wine glasses, wine bottles, status jars, apothecary glass, cement planter candles....


Still the same high-quality PURE soy, skin safe scents, lead-free eco wicks, dye free, longer burning candles you have come to love.