Dot & Lil - Bar Soap

Dot & Lil - Bar Soap

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Dot & Lil's sweetly scented soaps will stay just as pretty when you use them. The best part of these classy bars is that they're floral and familiar without smelling like your grandmother's house.

Dot & Lil soap is finely crafted using an all-vegetable oil and glycerin base. This soap is entirely vegan. Like all Dot & Lil soaps, it has plenty of lather and lasts a long time! Each soap weighs 115 g/4.06 oz. 

Peach Blossom & Citrus soap is a fresh fruity blend of sparkling citrus and peach with a hint of delicate sweet floral. A juicy top note with an elegant finish. This soap has bamboo charcoal and exfoliating poppy seeds, and a happy spring & summer colour combination of grey and beachy coral.

White Tea & Ginger soap is a soothing, comforting blend of fresh ginger heart notes with a warm tea base. A soft, almost woody scent with a touch of sparkling fresh ginger. This soap has bamboo charcoal and exfoliating poppy seeds, and a pretty colour combination of grey and pale yellow.

Eucalyptus & Lime soap is fresh and clean with a citrus note and a twist of crisp rind. The deep camphorous and menthol notes of eucalyptus are balanced by the lightness of the fresh lime.

Green Tea & Orange Blossom soap is a fresh blend of sparkling citrus and zest with a hint of deeply mysterious neroli (orange blossom). A spa-citrus scent with a very slight hint of musky floral at the base.

Rose soap has such a classic scent! Styled after the wild Alberta rose, it is fresh but soft with undertones of green stem and moist earth. This is no old lady rose! A fresh and young, happy floral scent. Smells just like sticking your nose in an actual rose bush while walking by your neighbor's garden, so gardeners and flower enthusiasts rejoice!

Black Tea & Cassis soap is a fresh fruity blend of fresh juicy cassis (black currant) with delicate base notes of earthy black tea. A juicy and sweet dark berry scent. This soap has exfoliating poppy seeds, and a pretty white and purple swirl.

Lilac soap scent is true to a real lilac, not overpowering or powdery but fresh and crisp. Smells exactly like the flower.

About Dot & Lil: Anne founded Dot & Lil in 2008. She is passionate about anything handmade, is obsessed with fonts, design, patterns and anything vintage and floral. Her scent addiction is the driving force behind the brand. Dot & Lil makes heirloom-inspired, finely crafted goods for bath, body & home. All products are made by hand in their Rosemont studio in Montreal. They safely formulate all products without preservatives and also make everything ultra-concentrated so a little goes a long way. It's a win, win!