Debbie Draws Funny - Boxed Holiday Cards

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Send Debbie's hilarious holiday cards to all of your friends and family- as long as they have a good sense of humor. 

Each boxed set includes six cards and envelopes. 

These are handmade A2 size cards (5.5 X 4.25 in). All images are derived from original artwork by Deb Turcio and printed on white premium coated card stock using high quality pigment inks. All cards are blank inside and will ship that way. Since all stationery is printed in bulk, we cannot include personal messages. 

About Debbie Draws Funny: Debbie is an '80's child and a doodling fool. She likes puns, cheese, and she likes to get stupid. She started her card business in 2011 on a complete whim. In a fleeting moment of bravery, she decided to put a couple of handmade greeting cards up for sale in Etsy. Amazingly, they sold like hotcakes in an IHOP on a Sunday morning! She would have never believed it, but her humble art form struck a chord with others also searching for the right gifts and cards! We dare you to NOT chuckle reading her cards. #girlsgottalent