True North Beauty - Beauty Box

True North Beauty - Beauty Box

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Having difficulty finding a beauty product suitable for your skin type? Look no further. This Beauty Box is perfect for all skin types and uses hydrating oils, lush botanicals, and True North Beauty's signature Chaga Wild Harvest Blend to give your skin a smoother and healthier look. 

This Box Includes:

Solid Cleanser - .75 oz of a daily cleanser that uses rich antioxidants to cleanse your skin and remove impurities.

Oil Cleanser - .60 oz of an oil cleanser that gives your skin a natural glow and will delicately remove makeup from the skin.

Face Polish - .50 oz This gives your dry skin a glowing look using a blend of purifying antioxidant treatment granules incorporated into a moisture rich Manuka honey cream and luxury oil base.

Hydration Cream - .60 oz of a mixture of lush floral extracts and antioxidant-enriched oil to make your skin perfectly balanced so that your skin can glow and radiate as much as you want it to.


Heather Lux founded True North Beauty when she began her mission of finding her true north. Her True North Beauty Beauty products are made with the sole purpose of helping women find confidence in themselves. The beauty products are all made of natural ingredients and aim to bring out women's true beauty in the most natural way possible.