Bixby - Snack Bars

Bixby - Snack Bars

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Bixby Bars are made in Rockland, Maine, and are full of flavor! They make a perfect snack for any chocolate lover.

Nutty For You: Dark chocolate, peanut butter, and Maine sea salt

Nutty For Me: Milk chocolate, peanut butter, and Maine sea salt

To the Nines: White chocolate, Goji berry, pistachio, almond, cardamom

Heart's Delight: Dark chocolate, Ceylon cinnamon, strawberry, almond

Whippersnapper: Dark chocolate, Maine sea salt, cashew

Birdie: Dark chocolate, sweet currant, hazelnut, Maine sea salt

Knockout: Milk chocolate, bing cherry, peanut, chipotle pepper

Mulligan: Milk chocolate, raisin, Vietnamese cinnamon, walnut

Bixby & Co. was founded by Kate McAleer, who represents a new breed of young entrepreneurs who are breaking with the traditional career path. They possess a renewed American spirit that drives them to create new businesses that are socially responsible while incredibly supportive of local communities. Kate’s life experiences have shaped every aspect of the Bixby chocolate company. The greatest inspiration has been her strong, intimate relationships with family and community.