Barbarah Robertson Pottery - Bird Spoonrest

Barbarah Robertson Pottery - Bird Spoonrest

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A sweet little bird shaped plate with softly raised edge makes a great catch all or spoon rest.
Hand built from stoneware clay, each dish is impressed with a chrysanthemum floral pattern which peeks through the glaze

Barbarah's glazes are hand mixed, 100% lead free, refrigerator, microwave, oven & dishwasher safe! :)

Each bird measures 6.25" x 4" with a softly lifted edge.
Super smooth edges and bare clay bottom.

What else can you do with this dish?...

♥Bread/biscuit plate
♥Cookie Plate
♥Candy Dish
♥Soap Dish
♥Soy Dish
♥Wasabi Plate
♥Spoon Rest
♥Tea bag holder
♥Dessert Plate
♥Lemon/Condiment Plate
♥Olive oil & Garlic dipping plate
♥Grate garlic and fresh herbs with a little olive oil and place at each place setting for dipping bread at dinner.
♥Put your rings and other jewelry in it on the bedside table.

Pottery Bird Plate - Bird Shaped Spoon Rest - Cooking Prep dish - White Dove - Soap Dish


About Barbarah Robertson: Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Barbarah transplanted to the Shenandoah Valley, and began taking pottery classes in the early 1990’s. Now a full time potter based in Strasburg Virginia, Barbarah is an official juried Artisan of the Artisan Center of Virginia and a long standing member of the Shenandoah Potters Guild. She participates in various arts and craft shows/exhibits & gives educational workshops in the Valley and Northern Virginia/ DC metro areas.