Harpers Handmade Co. Chakra Beaded Lava Rock Aromatherapy Bracelet

Harpers Handmade Co. Chakra Beaded Lava Rock Aromatherapy Bracelet

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7 Chakras Beaded Lava Rock Diffuser Bracelet for Aromatherapy, Grounding Bracelet, Unisex Yoga Bracelet, Oil Bracelet, Chakra Healing

*8MM Chakra Beads & 8MM Lava Rock with 2MM Silver Spacers.*

You only need to wear one and wait for the holistic healing to start! Anyone can use Chakra bracelets regardless of age or gender, which makes them a very accessible accessory for mental calmness and peace.

The seven chakras energies are:

Solar plexus

Chakra bracelets, when worn, help to keep the seven components at their right energy levels. The healing the bracelet wearer receives is determined by the power on the gemstones or crystals. They are meant to absorb any negative energy so that only positive energy is left to be enjoyed.


A desire to find a more natural way to handle the every day stresses and trials of life lead Harper to essential oils. What started as a casual hobby evolved into passion once she saw the benefits of using essential oils in everyday life. She began creating simple pieces of jewelry for herself and friends, which lead to experimenting with new mediums and creating one a kind pieces that reflect the unique passion and individuality of their owner.