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Meet Jayme from Hennel Paper Co.: 

Jayme founded Hennel Paper Co., a hand illustrated paper goods and design studio, based in Charlotte, NC and focused on creating cheery & cheeky greeting cards and gift products that are assured to brighten your day.

Though officially founded in 2012, HPC is something that started with a sketchbook and crayons when Jayme was a child. The process has evolved over the years, but her sketchbook is still her happy place. Jayme has been drawing and creating art for as long as she can remember. Growing up Jayme was inspired most by her grandmother, who was always so encouraging. When Jayme would show her a new drawing, her grandmother would rave about it as if it were a masterpiece. Jayme knew, even back then, that not everything was as perfect as her grandmother made it out to be, but those wonderful words gave Jayme the confidence that she needed from an early age. As Jayme grew older it was those fond memories of her grandmother that pushed Jayme to get a BFA in Graphic Design and start her crazy, wonderful journey.

Incorporating her love for drawing with her design experience, Jayme started her company with a business model built on the rule of following her heart and the belief that time spent, should be done so pursuing happiness.

We love all the Hennel Paper Co. products, but especially the enamel pins!

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Soul Mate Pin Plant Lady Pin

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Dog Mom Keychain Cat Lady Pin


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Fallin For You Card Cider & Donuts Season Card


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